My feature film "The fortune you seek is in another cookie" has it´s World Premiere at the
CPH:DOX Copenhagen - DOX AWARD Competition

'From the silence among mummies in a Chilean desert to youth street riots in Istanbul,
the occupied Cinecittà film studios in Rome and a demonstration in Chile. Like a flaneur who sees
the world with the poetic gaze of an outsider, the film's nameless narrator travels around the
world in search of happiness. Not as a sentimental feeling of pleasure, but as an idea and practice,
which nonetheless turns out to be just as volatile as the images that his buzzing 16mm camera
capture in beautiful and gritty scenes. Images that turn their back on him, but which throug
visions and encounters and with a silent fury initiate him (and us) to a fundamental, human search
for meaning, cohesion, knowledge and freedom. It could easily have become a pretentious affair,
but Johannes Gierlinger turns the abstract concepts upside down in a politically down-to-earth
film, which above all is about resistance. His debut, 'The Fortune You Seek is in Another Cookie' is
a dizzying experience in the essayistic tradition of Chris Marker and the early explorers. A film for
anyone who yearns to see the world anew.'
CPH:DOX 2014 Copenhagen

Screening Dates

13/11, 19.15

Nordisk Film Palads
16/11, 21.30