Remapping the origins / 16mm / 5.1. Sound / 2018 / 42 min

Remapping the origins is an essayistic film about the city of Białystok, a reflection on how to deal with history and memory in a
formerly pluralistic and revolutionary place. On it disappearance it has been worked for a century. A permanent clash of ideologies,
ideas and beliefs. Being the birthplace of the two visionaries - Zamenhof and Vertov - the city today is regarded as a place in Europe where the political pressure of the right wing is one of the most obvious. The film brings the legacy of Białystok into the present and
links it with current social developments. Thus, Remapping the origins becomes a reflection on the reading of historical events within collective historiography and the culture of commemoration. An essayistic meditation on loss, continuity and progression. A search for traces in a city that could be exemplary stand for more than a city, maybe for Europe, maybe for the future.

Remapping the origins ist ein essayistischer Film über die Stadt Białystok, eine Reflexion über den Umgang mit Geschichte und Erinnerung. Ein ehemals pluralistischer und revolutionärer Ort, an dessen Verschwinden bereits ein Jahrhundert gearbeitet wird. Ein fortwährender Brennpunkt von Ideologien. Die Geburtsstätte der beiden Visionäre Zamenhof und Vertov gilt heute als ein Ort Europas,
an dem der politische Rechtsruck am Augenscheinlichsten zu Tage tritt. Remapping the origins holt das Vermächtnis von Białystok in die Gegenwart und verknüpft es mit aktuellen gesellschaftlichen Entwicklungen. Der Film ist eine Reflexion über die Lesart von historischen Geschehnissen in der kollektiven Geschichtsschreibung und Gedenkkultur. Eine Spurensuche in einer Stadt, die exemplarisch für mehr als nur eine Stadt stehen könnte, vielleicht für Europa, vielleicht für die Zukunft.

Giona A. Nazzaro - Visions du Reel 2018
"[…] The director creates a multi-layered visual essay that confronts the story of Bialystok with the insurgence of the far right wing parties in Poland today."

DokumentART - Neubrandenburg 2018
"'Remapping the origins' brings the legacy of the city into the present and links it to current developments. The result is an essayistic film about the city of Białystok, a reflection on collective historiography and memory."

Jurystatement - Simon S. Award
"A complex panorama of a Polish city; a film journey, where memory unfolds into a form of resistance. In 'Remapping the Origins' Johannes Gierlinger creates a polyphonic film puzzle in which he records current political trends and raises social issues. The peculiarity of this work lies in the interweaving of unusual, evocative images and reflective words.[…] A film that defies the conventions and principles of filmmaking, captivates through its multiperspectivity and rejects and rearranges connections anew.

Francesco Cazzin, L´emerge del possibile
"History is important, critical thoughts as well, one hears someone say in the film. But history, critical thoughts, do not pass so much in a representation that is capable to move corpse, in a dance between the 'ghosts of their own history'. In this denial it is the strength of 'Remapping the origins'. […] While the story is re-evoked, a lack of images is gradually formed that does not act as absence, but as a force that works on the image and retract it. From here, and only from this discarding, 'Remapping the origins' finds its own image, an image that lacks steadiness, thus lacks death, but works alive as the negative of force - it is the faceless resistance that transfuse the story."

Written and directed by Johannes Gierlinger Resarch by Johannes Gierlinger, Karl Wratschko & Aleksandra Kolodziejczyk Sounddesign by Peter Kutin Cinematography and Editing by Johannes Gierlinger Sound by Karl Wratschko & Jan Zischka Modular Synth Sounds by Frank Rottmann Music Recording by Moritz Nahold Production Assistent by Karl Wratschko & Aleksandra Kolodziejczyk Location assistant by Paweł Szarpiący Acting by Ula Chrzanowska Narration by Martin Hemmer Colors by Claudio Santancini Produced by Johannes Gierlinger

Commissioned by CPH:LAB Copenhagen ∣ Supported by Kultur Land Salzburg, Wien Kultur MA7, BKA

∣ Festivals ∣ Screenings ∣

Visions Du Réel Nyon 2018, Switzerland

Documentarist Istanbul 2018, Türkey

Dokufest Prizren 2018, Republic of Kosovo

Fic Valdivia - Festival Internacional de Cine de Valdivia 2018, Chile

DokuBaku Int. Documentary Film Festival 2018, Azerbaijan

DokumentART Neubrandenburg 2018, Germany

Pravo Ljudski Film Festival Sarajevo, 2018, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Transcinema Festival Internacional de Cine Lima 2018, Peru

Simon S. Award Screening at Das Kino Salzburg, 2018, Austria

Festival Film Dokumenter Yogyakarta 2018, Indonesia

∣ Solo Screening ∣

Balkanroute - Jugend ohne Film Screening Series at Filmhaus Spittelberg, 2019 (Upcoming)

∣ Awards ∣ Prizes ∣

Theodor Körner Förderpreis, 2018

Simon S. Award, Austria, 2018