Die vergangenen Zukünfte / s16 mm / 2018 - 2020 / 90 min / in production

Die vergangenen Zukünfte is a poetic and political essaystic reflection of the city vienna. The film takes its starting point in the March Revolution in 1848. The failure and the impact of this insurrection serves as a root for a political and poetic reflection on the city of Vienna. What references can be drawn from the failed revolution to the present and the future? Is this failure a part of Vienna and how can this be seen in a larger global context? Which revolutionary movements are visible today? The film takes a deep insight into the complexity of a city, its history and its people, A film like a trance state, a gasp, a dream, a (psycho)analysis, a revolution, an arrival and departure.

Supported by Land Salzburg, MA7 Vienna, Otto Mauer Fonds, Cine Art Styria, ArtStart Grant

Produced by Johannes Gierlinger and Subobscura Films