She had two eyes and she borrowed two more / Diploma Exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna 2017

Die Ordnung der Träume / 16mm to HD / Stereo / 2017 / 30 min

Two conversations, two cities, the question whether to waken the dreamer or let the dreamer sleep.
Die Ordnung der Träume is a film that revolves around the (e) motion of human beings, their mental activity and the imagination of their worlds. Two people who search for each other, but miss to find, and yet remain in common. Two doubting figures whose conversation is characterized by the different perceptions and the skepticism on the other. In constant presence, a voice sinking into the thoughts of the figures; A traveler, a flaneur, a critical gaze that raises questions itself. An exploration and contemplation of the world; a gaze points at the magician and its deceptions, the faithful and their self-flagellation, the workers who build cities, and children who play young gods. Existential thoughts, dreams, politics and experiences of the characters collide. The individual imagination as intermediary between the ego of the characters and their world. An imagination that creates the doors, which are repeatedly crossed to create a temporary being. Only through the gaze of others, the characters in Die Ordnung der Träume become aware of this fleeting moment of reality. A film as a search for order, in a world of imagination, a world of politics and gazes, a world which per se detract from any order.

Sleepwalking in the modern city / Slide-Installation / 56 Slides - Various Images and Collages

The slide work Sleepwalking in the modern City relates to the gesture of the flaneur in connection to city, dream, memory and resistance. Quotes about the city and the flaneurish are lined up with historical paintings, maps, film stills and photographs. Like a film the slides produce a collage-like cinematic track. The sequence of images are changeable, points to the form layering and assembling and relate to tracks of recollection and memory.