reading gaps / Paperwall / Archives, Foil / 2019

The work Reading Gaps is a reflection on how to deal with narrative forms, reports, anarchism and memory in the formerly pluralistic and revolutionary Polish city of Bialystok. Starting point of the work is the Pogrom 1906 on the Jewish population in Bialystok and the form of representation in international newspapers. The works shows how the story telling shifts: From first news that the trigger for the pogrom was a anarchist who threw a bomb into a christian procession till the argument that it was a planned attack organised by russion states forces.
The work deals with historical narratives, memory and represantation and correlates with film excerpts on historical and contemporary anarchist narratives as well as the movement in Bialystok and the surrounding area.

Installationview at Alphabet des anarchistischen Amateurs at rotor - association for contemporary art- Graz, 2019, Austria