Remapping the origins - A history of ideas / 4 Channel Installation / 10min / 2018

Young people from Bialystok (Poland) have been asked the following questions:

Is history important?
Do you have to look more critically at the world?
What does resistance mean?

The questions relate to the history, historiography and interpretation of history and indirectly refer to the current political events in Poland and Europe. History is being renegotiated and in recent years increasingly subject to constant rewriting from the right political spectrum. The interview partners comment on this and refer to the interpretation of history, criticism and whether there are forms of resistance. The installation is supplemented with material from the city and different events in the city.

Another work shows a 3D Animation and visualisation of the Zamehof square, implementing a historical image of a destroyed building, which is now still existing as a cafe house. The original printed image was found during the research and shows the square and the houses when it was part of the Jewish Ghetto. Fragments of a history that has not completely disappeared mingle with current geography and are intended to discuss issues of memory, layering and change.

Funded by BKA Kunst
3 D Rendering and Programming by Andreas Gruber